Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knitting Stress

Ever since I finished my FLS over Thanksgiving, I've been experiencing knitting stress! I am so happy with the results of my first sweater and now I don't quite know where to go next. The following is an update on all projects since (FOs and WIPs):

Clint's hat:
This turned out well and I made it in a day. I didn't follow a pattern; just used a formula to determine how many stitches to cast on and then worked a simple stockinette. I added a white and red stripe from yarn in the stash.

November Through The Loops KAL Sock:
I was so gung-ho when this KAL started and then I just stalled out. I finished the cuff and leg on the first sock, but I didn't make it far past the cuff on the second sock. I feel like I've come to far too frog, but I don't see myself returning any time soon. It's also my first Spud & Chloe yarn which I was so excited to use and I just haven't been impressed. Although, I'm not giving up on it completely yet because the ultimate test of a yarn for me is how good it feels on and how it wears over time. I think this project will hibernate for now.

November Cowl KAL Wimple:
I was also super excited to be in this KAL. I would say it's going slightly better than the sock KAL. It's an easy enough pattern and shouldn't take too long. I'm just not crazy about the yarn. It's just a Patons Kroy socks - nothing incredible. It's just kind of rough and sometimes I can't imagine wearing it on my neck, but I'm almost halfway done! I think I'll keep going on this one. I just got so KAL-happy and then it became too much pressure.

Baby Brown Bear:
I bought Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Toys. I love leafing through and admiring the patterns. I especially like the toys made from sock yarn. I was dying to wind a skein of yarn on my ball winder, so I chose my Thousand Oaks Alpaca and wound away with the intention to make the brown bear. It's cute and all, but I'm stuck. The yarn is nice, but I'm not in love with it. It did ignite my interest in knitting toys in general though. I think this little bear is going to hibernate for awhile.

Purple Reading Mitts:
Arghh! I finished one and I was on love. I used DB Baby Cashmerino which I LOVE and the knit was smooth sailing. For extra warmth, I decided to increase the length by an inch. No big deal I thought. I got 2 leg warmers out of one BD BC skein, this should be no problem...or so I thought. 

On the second mitt, I got within an inch of the end and ran out of yarn. No problem, I thought, I'll go to Hill Country Weavers and buy more DB BC - you can never have too much BD BC. Well...they only had two lavender skeins, both different dye lots, and both different from mine. Neither matched - arghh! I feel so irresponsible - but I reminded myself, that yarn was originally intended for more leg warmers. 

So I figure, if I rip back and knit an inch less, I should be able to complete the project with the yarn I have. However, I cannot bring myself to rip yet. It was just so disappointing to think I was fifteen minutes away from wearing my beautiful reading mitts and then...not. 

Aviator Hat:
I've seen this hat on Ravelry for a long time and I've always wanted to try it. When my SIL requested a black hat, I thought, here's my chance. Plus I'm using the Heirloom Breeze that was intended for the Clint socks that never came to fruition. I've knit 1/6 of it and I like it, but I'm lacking drive. Plus, Clint reminded me that I had vowed to stop knitting for other people. It's just hard to stop when that's what I do so often! 

I found Fuzzy Mitten's Lamb Pattern the Monday after Thanksgiving before I left for work. I drooled over this pattern like no other. I looked at it all day, just counting the hours until I could go home and start knitting. The end result is okay. I used the Lion Brand Organic Cotton and I didn't like it the first time I used it (Organic Baby Guernsey), so why would I like it now?

I'm also having trouble with the face - I'm just way too much of a perfectionist. I thought I could sew the eyes and now I know I can't. I tried to find doll eyes at Michaels over the weekend, but had no luck. To make matters worse, Cassie got a hold of lamba and now one of his legs is loose. Sigh.

Autumn Leaves Scarflette:
Too tired to explain.

Vital Organs Embroidered Coasters:
For Chris, going okay, just feeling overwhelmed.
And I know I'm crazy, but I want to wind my ShiBuKnits and make some gloves after seeing some beautiful ones on Ravelry.

No wonder I'm stressed - that's eight WIPs! I just feel like there's not enough time to knit all the patterns I want to make and use all the yarn I fantasize about. I'm writing myself a prescription: no knitting tonight! Take a shower and go to bed!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Knitting Dream Ever!

I had a dream where I was knitting! I didn't realize until just now that I've never had one (that I remember) before. I find this surprising because I spend so much of my waking life knitting.

In the dream I was making a scarf (something I probably wouldn't do awake) in two different colors and I was trying to decide when to start my second color to create stripes. Only a few rows in, I decided my two colors were too alike and so I ended up foregoing the stripes. Then I realized I had made too many stitches and it would be a really wide scarf. To my surprise, I had accidentally double knit it and all of a sudden, the two sides split and I had a lovely cowl in progress!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Know What I Have to Do

Back in September I started a pair of socks for Clint. After I turned the heel, I realized that I had made the foot way too long. When I tried the work-in-progress on him, he dubbed them his goofy socks because of their length. Well, they have sat ignored long enough. Today I will order the remainder of the yarn needed to complete the pair and I will rip back and correct my mistakes. Carpe diem!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back on Top

I'm glad I finally hunkered down and got back to the FLS. Once I fixed my mistake and moved forward, I felt like a new woman. I also practiced button holes over and over, and I'm just not getting it. They all look the same, so it must be a fundamental flaw I'm making from misreading the directions. I guess I will have to pursue  bh perfection in the future because I've moved on for now. So now the sweater is breezing along slowly but steadily in the gull lace stitch pattern. 

My only concern (and I'm trying hard not to worry about it) is the sleeves.  I had the hardest time gauging if they were big enough and I worried they would be too tight. So when I reached the place in the pattern where I cast on 7 new stitches for the armhole I was relieved because I figured that would fix any tightness issue I had. That was until I tried it on and with the additional stitches, the sleeves now seem loose... My plan of action is to just go with it. I know from experience that arm (or leg) openings can look rather large and gaping when unfinished, but then close in dramatically when the actually sleeve (or leg) in completed.

My purple Malabrigo arrived today, so I wound it into a ball by hand and swatched for the Amanda hat. The pattern says that if done carefully, I may be able to get two hats from one skein. I would love to have matching hats for my mom and I. My gauge is off however because I don't have size 9 needles. How do I not have any size 9s? Before I run out and spend more money on this obsession, I will try a size 10 just to see.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


As per my last post, I did buckle down and finish some WIPs. Although I was still avoiding the sweater and Clint's socks like the plague. It reminds me what a perfectionist I am and that I need to get over it. 
So some of the items I have finished are: the blue brioche booties, the blue baby bib (finally!) and the yellow bonnet for Melissa. 
I was feeling so accomplished that I joined a Mystery Sock Knit-Along on Ravelry for Soctober! It's been really fun so far and I think it's what's finally pulled me officially out of my knitting slump because last night after I finished the 2nd sock's cuff, I pulled out that FLS and starting unknitting back to my mistake: the third buttonhole I attempted to make. My first buttonhole was actually my best and I just improvised it (YOs and COs over 2 rows). It looked decent, but I decided for the second, I would use the one-row technique suggested in the pattern. I followed an online tutorial that was mostly helpful, but in the end my buttonhole looked really sad, not beautiful like all the sample pictures I've seen. But I decided the two were good enough especially because when there is a button in them, no one will see them. So for my third button hole I decided to return to my improved version. The BH itself wasn't too bad, but for some reason, I did not make it the appropriate distance away from the edge!!! Argh - what was I thinking? So I have almost unknitted back to the third BH and I am swearing to myself that before I attempt it again in the sweater that I will practice in a swatch. I keep reminding myself, swatching and practicing is good, and, hey, I get to pull out some new yarn and try it out - what's more fun than that? After that adventure, I will unknit on Clint's sock and get it right.
So back to the Mystery Socks! I have never participated in a KAL before and I think this was the perfect one to try for my first. Since the pattern comes in weekly installments there's all this anticipation. And the pacing has been really lovely. I knitted cuff #1 Friday night and cuff #2 Saturday night and I feel so accomplished because there's literally nothing else I can do - I have to wait until next week (Thursday?) to continue. I feel like it's assignment and I've finished early: always the teacher/student.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting Block

It happened so suddenly: one day I was knitting normally and the next - nothing. 

I stalled out on two major projects - my February Lady Sweater and Clint's black socks. The sweater is giving me a couple of different problems wight now. The biggest one being that I messed up the last button hole. Actually all of the button holes are messed up,but there is not way I am ripping back to the first one - or maybe I should...maybe it would reverse my bad knitting mojo. The other thing that's bothering me with the FBS is I have come to the point in the yoke where I think I am supposed to stop increasing, but I don't understand how the shoulders will become big enough to reach almost my upper arms and almost touch like the pattern says if I discontinue the increasing. So I've basically given up for now.
I also messed up Clint's socks by knitting the foot too long/ I had turned the heel and felt like I was in the home stretch until I realized they're just too long. All because I didn't take the time to measure properly. I guess the idea of ripping back on these is a lot less daunting than the FLS; I should probably start on these. Oh yeah, and I also don't have enough yarn to complete the project because I only bought two skeins (this was a long time ago when I was pretty clueless about knitting). 
My first instinct is to start new projects or to swatch. I think starting new projects now would only stress me out more. I will only allow myself to swatch or tackle one of my many wips.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yarn Poor

I have bought so much yarn lately!!! I just keep telling myself it will be fine as long as I use it, but my ever-growing, under-the-bed stash thinks otherwise. I know most of this yarn will not be knitted right away, that it will find its way to the stash box. On a postive note, I found myself knitting from the stach a lot this summer.

I've been having flashes of patterns in my head. I'm dying to design my own patterns, but I'm not quite there yet. I think these flashes are the beginning though. So far, I've had two hat flashes. Luckily these flashes come when I'm lying in bed, so I quickly jot them down and the accompanying thoughts in my bedside notebook. The latest would be quite a feat to complete, but I'm fascinated with trying. It involves a simple thick rows of stockinette broken up up by some thin garter rows. Then on either side would be half circles of brioche rib. It sounds so complicated in my head, but I think its possible. If I can complete it, it would be my first original pattern!

Status Check:

1st Soaker: Complete. I used the Curly-Purly pattern and I really like it. It was easy and quick. I used the maroon O-Wool that Julie had given to me as commission. There's plenty left for another, so I think the next one will be a maroon and white. I also purchased some gorgeous green wool (not organic :( for a possible Lora soaker. I keep forgetting her shower is Saturday! Most of her package is complete, but it still feels incomplete.

Thermis Neck Warmer: Complete. I love this project and I would like to make more in other colors, but I'm not in any hurry. The next one I make needs to be a little shorter for my short neck. I also think I might use come Cashmerino for the next one...hmmm...I feel a swatch coming on... : )

Legwarmies: Half done: one down, one to go. This first pair is in pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (the only shade I could find at Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe). Since then I have visited HCW and bought five new shade of DBC to mix and match for future legwarmies. They're easy and mindless, probably a good purse project.

Green Socks: Half done: one down, one to go. After months of trying to acclimate to two socks at once on one circular, I just couldn't do it. I thought I would love it, but I didn't. I'll have to try again in the future. I ended up using a toe-up sock formula and adding a bamboo stitch on the top of the foot. I feel like it's one of the most original things I've made in a long time. I still need to make the mate, but I'm feeling only a mild case of Second Sock Syndrome.

Charade Socks: Barely started. I'm not sure this project is going to last. The yarn is not nice and my needles are being uncooperative, we'll see. I just love this pattern so much and wanted to make it again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Status Check: Lots of Swatches

As a relative newcomer to knitting, I feel like I am just now understanding the importance of swatching. I've known of the importance for awhile, but I just didn't get it. I guess when all you're knitting is scarves and iPod cozies from your own made-up patterns, swatching in not crucial. I also bought a lot of acrylic yarn that I found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (I still buy yarn thee, just a lot more selectively).  When I first heard about swatching, there were two obstacles I faced. One: I worried that if I "wasted" yarn on a swatch, I would run out for the intended project.  Two: I didn't have the patience to start with a swatch: I just wanted to start my project BADLY. 

But now as I move on to hats, mittens, sweaters, etc. and spend more money on finer yarn, I get it. I don't worry about running out of yarn anymore. I either buy enough from the start or I tell myself it's just another reason to buy more yarn : ) And even though I am not a process a knitter (which surprises me since I enjoy the process of so many other pursuits) I am trying hard to incorporate some time and reflection into my process.

Kendall Mittens: Now that I have my intended pattern nailed down I can play with yarn choices. I made three swatches today with some Patons Soy Wool blend. I did three needle sizes: 8, 6 and 4. I think 6 is the ideal. I do like the way the yarn feels, but it's a hand wash. I had convinced myself that Kendall's mittens and hats should be machine-washable, but so far I have been dissatisfied with the yarn selections I have in my stash that are m-w.  I could go to the yarn store, but I know I will just get overwhelmed and spend a lot of money and come home with a lot of yarn that is everything but what I need for the Kendall project.

Kendall Hat: I found in my stash some pink Bernat alpaca blend. I knitted a swatch on some size 8 bamboo needles that I forgot I had. They came from my only-bamboo-needle phase that followed my plastic phase that I was started on by my Aunt Nancy.  I thought that I didn't like bamboo anymore, but I guess it really depends on specifics. These were Crystal Palace and very slick; I really enjoyed them. Even though I'm feeling doubtful about this 18-inch head measurement, I went ahead and cast on with the alpaca.  It's really soft but also hand wash - oh well. I started off thinking I would make the umbilical cord hat since I never have, but I keep picturing how Kendall looked in the sherbert hat I made her and I decided to switch to the Kittyville hat. In Stitch and Bitch it's for adults, but with an 18-inch head, it needs only minor adjustments. So that's off and rolling.

Cashmerino Silk iPod Cozy: Kind of stalled out. I'm too lazy to bring my iPod to the couch and check the size. It's really close to being finished - suck it up!

Blue and Brown Boy Bonnet: Started the nape decrease today. Nothing major. Dreaming about combining all of my scraps of Sublime Organic Cotton into one beautiful blend of a bonnet.

Spring Booties: I hadn't worked on these in so long that I thought I had frogged this project, but then I found the one finished bootie. I really want to master the pattern because I LOVE the way the booties look, but that half-brioche stitch is really hard for me! I haven't yet cast on the second bootie, but I foresee it happening within the week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

Finally a mitten pattern I can live with. The funniest thing is that it's the first pattern I looked at and printed out and then for some reason I put it away. It did look a little daunting with all the different numbers for all the different sizes, but after completing a one mitten, they are some of the best written directions I've ever used!

So I still haven't matched the perfection of the rainbow mitten, but I'm getting closer. I still can't tell if the rounded effect is the yarn or maybe the age. Like maybe there is nothing I can do to recreate that aspect.

The new white mitten is still too stiff for my liking, but I think it's the yarn and the needle size I used. I started with 4s for the cuff and it felt fine. When I started the hand though it felt too tight and I wanted to switch to some 5s but my only circular 5s are otherwise engaged in another project, so I made do - it wasn't that bad, nothing like the green mitten. I'm debating if when I make these mittens for real if I will drop down a needle size for the cuff.

Now I just have to find the perfect yarn...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mitten Research

Have found a third pattern. The only drawback is the smallest size is for a two-year-old. Seeing as how Kendall is on the big side, I'm going to make a two-year old size and we'll see how it fits.

So far these tutorials has been very helpful:

Will try mitten #3 in white acrylic. Will attempt to follow directions for four needle mittens and do with a magic loop. The two needle mittens calls for different right and left mittens - I'm not going there. 

Mitten #2

While on the quest for the perfect mitten pattern, I've decided I might have to purchase a pattern: either singly or a book. I usually have such great success with free patterns, but this is #2 and it's mostly a let-down.

I kept with size 2 needles, but this time I tried a purple Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino - a yarn I've been dying to try. It felt so much better on the needles! I'm fine with the cuff. I think it's long enough and has enough stretch to keep the mitten on the hand. I also like the hand evern though the tip is more pointed than I would like. But the worst part is the thumb. The thumb looks so terrible I don't even want to look at it. I had high hopes for it because it was worked differently than the last one but I think it's so hideous the way it sticks out from the side of the mitten like it was a last minute addition and has no business being there. I wish I could just take if off and seam up the side and have a thumbless mitten, but I think that would look wretched as well.

So I have this mitten I found at my mom's house in her old Singer sewing machine that no longer actually houses a sewing machine. The sewing machine stand (?) is a safe haven for loads of miscellaneous little odds and ends. The mitten was knitted by Helen Noise (one of my grandmother's friends) for one of us kids, but I don't remember it ever being worn by me or my brothers. Now that I'm older and a knitter I can appreciate it for what it is: a perfect mitten. It appears to be a 32 stitch cast on and starts with a 2x2 rib. From there the hand and thumb is started together, simultaneously. I can see the bar increases make their way up the length of the thumb.  looks like there are six stitches including the actual increases. Then a row is knit plain. On the third round two more stitches are added giving the thumb 8 stitches. This is repeated so when the thumb is started there are ten stitches. Here the hand breaks and goes its separate way. The top of the hand is rounded not pointed which I think entailed a sharper decrease: no alternating rows of decreases and knitting even. 

If I were to recreate this I would attempt to use circular needles and form the thumb increases in the middle of on of the needles. I'm going to look around for another pattern, but if it comes to it, I'll attempt a recreation.

The mitten itself is also a good lesson in not using acyrlic yarn. The right side is dusty and fuzzy looking (no doubt because of its 20-year hide out in the sewing machine drawer) and the wrong side is sharp and pristine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mitten Time

Lauren has commissioned me to make a hat and mittens for Kendall for their trip to Alaska in September. I was intrigued to try out some mittens since I never have before. I had trouble finding a pattern that satisfied me enough to try it though. A lot of patterns I found didn't include a thumb, which I wanted to learn how to make the thumb. Then I found only patterns that had sizes that were too big for a one-year-old. I finally found this one and decided to try it, but I had a lot of problems with this mitten: I used my standard green crap yarn to make a practice mitten and it was way too thick at least with size 2 needles - so that was an ongoing trouble. It wasn't that bad on a regular knit stitch, but the k2togs were nightmares. This was my fault; I should have used bigger needles - this seems to be a recurring problem for me. The end product is quite stiff and I think would actually be good for warmth because the stitches are so close together, but the acrylic feels awful to the touch and I know it will only get worse as time goes on.
I like the extra long cuff but because this was a practice mitten, I only did 12 rows instead of 24. But I like the 12 rows so if I do end up using this pattern, I would probably stick with 12.
As I made the increases for the hand I was unhappy with the placement of them - they seemed out of place, but looking at the finished product they're okay. You can see one at the center back of the hand and the other two on the palm-side at the edges of the wrist. Since I've never made mittens before I don't know if this is standard or not.

I would have preferred to use my circular needles, but I decided to follow the pattern and use 4 dpns. I t was fine, but I would like to convert for next time.

Making the thumb was fun and easier than I thought it would be. Although it did leave two gaping holes (one on each side) that I had to stitch up from underneath. I need to research a way of avoiding or decreasing this problem.

It's driving me crazy that I can't try these on to see if they fit and have the right proportions. I'll have to try one on Kendall asap.

So I don't know what yarn I will actually end up using. I'm thinking of getting some Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply in pink; it's so soft and it's wool, so it would be warm, but it's also thin.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One More Bonnet

I realized I hadn't made any booties to match the bonnet I'm giving Erin at her shower this weekend. But I just didn't want to knit another pair of booties. I'm fearful with the booties that they don't get much use. I feel like bonnets may have a little more mileage.

So I started a light pink bonnet for baby Finley. The bonnets are so fast, it's almost done. I think I will embroider some flowers on it in a similar pink color - you know monochromatic-like. Oh and I'm making this newborn size so hopefully she can wear it right away.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Name Change

I had to change the name of this blog because I am currently going through a non-knitting phase, but I want to continue blogging about what I am working on, whatever it may be. 

It's funny, for many, MANY months, I did not go a day without knitting. And if I did - it was major - I noticed. There are several reasons why I am now on hiatus. I started my green socks at the same time on one circ and it just isn't all it's cracked up to be. I thought I would LOVE the two-at-once method, but I don't. I'm even considering...going back to my double-points or at least just working one sock at a time on the circ. Before I stopped last week I had knit a new iPod cozy (same old pattern) out of some yarn remainders I've had for a long time. I don't have the label anymore, so I have no idea what kind of yarn it actually is, but it's blue, wool-like, and goes thick and thin throughout. Even before I was done with it, I knew I had knit on too-small needles, but for some reason I just kept on going. I think it was bad karma. I started a second one with some cashmerino I've been saving for something special, but I thought - what's the point in saving it - life is too short - plus, if I like it, I'll go buy some more. But I barely started it before I put it down and haven't picked it up in over a week.

As per my last post I am also not embroidering. I visited Hancock Fabrics last week to pick up a few more supplies, namely backing for when I stitch on t-shirts which are soft and flimsy. I looked there and at Michael's with no luck. I guess I will just order it from Sublime Stitching directly. From reading Jenny's new book, I learned that in the olden days, women sometimes used tissue paper as a backer. I thought, I have tissue paper, I'm going to give this a shot. Well, easier said then done. The tissue paper tore immediately and fell to pieces. In the end I ended up taking a scrap of fabric and holding it on the back as I stitched and it seemed to work. I will need to try washing it to see what happens next.  So I did stitch a cupcake on a little onesie - it looks cute - not the best - but cute. I would like to go back and add the words baby cakes to it; we'll see.

I'm actually doing a lot of cooking. This morning I made Ina Garton's sticky buns that I watched her make on tv yesterday. She made it look really easy (of course) and it wasn't difficult for me, but it was time consuming and there was way to much butter involved. My mother makes a similar dish every Christmas and her's is easier and yummier. So I'll stick with Mom's recipe. 

Ever since I had some cucumber mint agua fresca the other day at the museum cafe, I have been obsessed.  I made some of my own but with basil instead of mint the other night with dinner and it was delicious! I just made another batch of the same. I plan on trying a cucumber, watermelon, mint combination later this week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Obsession, I Mean Craft

Well, not really new. I'm going to take up some embroidery again. The last time I embroidered was between 2000 and 2001; it's been too long. 

Last night I went to a communicrafting event at AMOA. There was embroidery, knitting, jewelry-making and other fun stuff. I went thinking I would craft while there, but it turned out to be really crowded and there were a lot of kids; not really the ideal crafting space (the crowdedness, not the kids). 

Luckily I found the Sublime Stitching booth right away which was my main interest anyway. They had adorable little packets of different-themed transfers for $5 each. And they were 5 for $20, so I had to get 5. Embarassingly, I was a dollar short, but the kind gentleman at the booth let me have my patterns for $19. I've decided that I will be sending them a dollar in the mail, I mean after all, they're a small business based out of Jenny Hart's garage. I might even make them some iPod cozies to thank them for their generosity (there are only 4 people that work for Sublime Stitching) and for being the reason that I will start embroidering again. 

The patterns I got (which are so exquisite, I can't stop staring at them) include:






I CANNOT wait to get started!!!


I was also lucky enough to pick up the last copy available (at the museum) of Jenny's new book! Which she also autographed for me!


So far the thing I like best about Jenny's new book (besides the oodles of transfers) is that she starts with a little sampler to get you in the embroidery mood and practice (or refresh in my case) your skills.

I'm going this morning to pick out some new floss colors and pick up some tools I may need like carbon paper and tracing paper. I love Jenny's designs, but I see myself doing some of my own in the future.

Ahhhh! A renewed obsession! I love it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knitting for Me!

I knit gifts so often that I rarely take time to knit for myself. On a whim (well actually - after reading Knit and Tonic and seeing her yarn)  I ordered some Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn. 


It is a beautiful blend of greens called "country kitchen". I'm knitting socks for myself that I'm already excited to wear on "green" holidays like Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day. Of course I can wear them other days as well : )

I'm knitting these socks toe up, two at a time, on one circular needle. It's a lot of newness and the process is on the slow side. I love the idea of finishing two socks at the same time, but I'm missing my double-pointed needles - I never thought I'd say that! I'm having a bit of a pattern crisis because I'm attempting to blend two patterns together. I don't know why I'm trying to make this so hard...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding Just the Right Yarn

I thought I had found my dream yarn when I found Sublime Organic Cotton, until I found Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply. I've been resisting buying Debbie Bliss, but I'm not sure why. I don't know if I thought she was too commercial and I was trying to supposrt more independents..idk.


Anyway this Rialto 4-ply is a beautiful superwash wool. I'm using it to make another seamless baby kimono and a pair of matching booties. Originally this kimono was going to Baby Gobert, but seeing as how nephew Ezekiel's due date is fast approaching in the beginning of June and I have nothing for him, I have reassigned. It's also coming out rather small (4-ply) and I'm hoping it can be a newborn garment. 


The booties may or may not go to Baby Kephart because that shower is this weekend and I was hoping to have a set of booties to match the bonnet I already finished.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Obligatory First Post

Well, I'm not in love with the name of my new knitting blog. It will probably change in the future. My first choices were taken: I'd Rather Be Knitting or I Heart Knitting. And here I thought I was so original coming up with those...I also trued Obsessed with Knitting and Knitting Fiend...also taken.

Anyway, since I don't have any real knitting friends and my friends, family and co-workers are sick of hearing me talk about knitting, I will be writing all of my deepest knitting thoughts here, in this blog.

I am deep into the baby knitting as I know 9 pregnant women right now. Last week I finished my first seamless baby kimono and am in love with it! I went out today and bought some blue yarn to start another. This one is for Julie's baby. I cannot wait to start it!

I am still working on Ariel's big sis purse which I think I will wait and give to her as a birthday gift in August. It buys me a little more time. I love the finished look, but it's boring for me to knit b/c it's just two panels of stockinette stitched together. I know it will look great when it's done.

I'm kind of sad I didn't start a knitting blog earlier in my knitting life. It would be really interesting to go back and look at everything I've learned. Oh well, today's the first day of the rest of my life.