Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knitting Stress

Ever since I finished my FLS over Thanksgiving, I've been experiencing knitting stress! I am so happy with the results of my first sweater and now I don't quite know where to go next. The following is an update on all projects since (FOs and WIPs):

Clint's hat:
This turned out well and I made it in a day. I didn't follow a pattern; just used a formula to determine how many stitches to cast on and then worked a simple stockinette. I added a white and red stripe from yarn in the stash.

November Through The Loops KAL Sock:
I was so gung-ho when this KAL started and then I just stalled out. I finished the cuff and leg on the first sock, but I didn't make it far past the cuff on the second sock. I feel like I've come to far too frog, but I don't see myself returning any time soon. It's also my first Spud & Chloe yarn which I was so excited to use and I just haven't been impressed. Although, I'm not giving up on it completely yet because the ultimate test of a yarn for me is how good it feels on and how it wears over time. I think this project will hibernate for now.

November Cowl KAL Wimple:
I was also super excited to be in this KAL. I would say it's going slightly better than the sock KAL. It's an easy enough pattern and shouldn't take too long. I'm just not crazy about the yarn. It's just a Patons Kroy socks - nothing incredible. It's just kind of rough and sometimes I can't imagine wearing it on my neck, but I'm almost halfway done! I think I'll keep going on this one. I just got so KAL-happy and then it became too much pressure.

Baby Brown Bear:
I bought Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Toys. I love leafing through and admiring the patterns. I especially like the toys made from sock yarn. I was dying to wind a skein of yarn on my ball winder, so I chose my Thousand Oaks Alpaca and wound away with the intention to make the brown bear. It's cute and all, but I'm stuck. The yarn is nice, but I'm not in love with it. It did ignite my interest in knitting toys in general though. I think this little bear is going to hibernate for awhile.

Purple Reading Mitts:
Arghh! I finished one and I was on love. I used DB Baby Cashmerino which I LOVE and the knit was smooth sailing. For extra warmth, I decided to increase the length by an inch. No big deal I thought. I got 2 leg warmers out of one BD BC skein, this should be no problem...or so I thought. 

On the second mitt, I got within an inch of the end and ran out of yarn. No problem, I thought, I'll go to Hill Country Weavers and buy more DB BC - you can never have too much BD BC. Well...they only had two lavender skeins, both different dye lots, and both different from mine. Neither matched - arghh! I feel so irresponsible - but I reminded myself, that yarn was originally intended for more leg warmers. 

So I figure, if I rip back and knit an inch less, I should be able to complete the project with the yarn I have. However, I cannot bring myself to rip yet. It was just so disappointing to think I was fifteen minutes away from wearing my beautiful reading mitts and then...not. 

Aviator Hat:
I've seen this hat on Ravelry for a long time and I've always wanted to try it. When my SIL requested a black hat, I thought, here's my chance. Plus I'm using the Heirloom Breeze that was intended for the Clint socks that never came to fruition. I've knit 1/6 of it and I like it, but I'm lacking drive. Plus, Clint reminded me that I had vowed to stop knitting for other people. It's just hard to stop when that's what I do so often! 

I found Fuzzy Mitten's Lamb Pattern the Monday after Thanksgiving before I left for work. I drooled over this pattern like no other. I looked at it all day, just counting the hours until I could go home and start knitting. The end result is okay. I used the Lion Brand Organic Cotton and I didn't like it the first time I used it (Organic Baby Guernsey), so why would I like it now?

I'm also having trouble with the face - I'm just way too much of a perfectionist. I thought I could sew the eyes and now I know I can't. I tried to find doll eyes at Michaels over the weekend, but had no luck. To make matters worse, Cassie got a hold of lamba and now one of his legs is loose. Sigh.

Autumn Leaves Scarflette:
Too tired to explain.

Vital Organs Embroidered Coasters:
For Chris, going okay, just feeling overwhelmed.
And I know I'm crazy, but I want to wind my ShiBuKnits and make some gloves after seeing some beautiful ones on Ravelry.

No wonder I'm stressed - that's eight WIPs! I just feel like there's not enough time to knit all the patterns I want to make and use all the yarn I fantasize about. I'm writing myself a prescription: no knitting tonight! Take a shower and go to bed!

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