Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer To-Do

1. Go to Barton Springs. Then go to Guero's and eat al pastor tacos and a hornitos margarita (on the rocks of course) with Stacy.
2. Sleep outside.
3. Finish reading The Passage.
4. Go to yarn stores with my Aunt Nancy.
5. Go to the Sit and Knit at Mandolas at least once.
6. Do a movie in our backyard.
7. Make homemade hummingbird nectar and feed hummingbirds.
8. Eat a caprese salad with fresh summer tomatoes.
9. Learn how to make my own good iced coffee at home.
10. Watch Swimming Pool.
11. Watch Bridget Jones's Diary.
12. Finish the kitchen.
13. Finish the Tuck vest I'm knitting right now.
14. Finish Herbivore.