Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Year of Knitting Generously

I've decided that instead of having a selfish goal like last year (10 shawls in 2010), I will make it a goal to knit for loved ones this year. I don't regret or feel ashamed about having a selfish goal last year - it was just something I needed to do. But this year, I'm ready to put the focus back on others. That's not to say I won't be knitting for myself, I will, but I will be shifting the balance. My side goal is that if I'm working on something for myself, I must be working on something for someone else as well.

Starting with my family (and that may be as far as I get this year), I want to make one item for each person. Here's what I've done already:
  • a vest for Clint and I am working on a second
  • a headband / warmer for Kelly
  • I'm working on socks for my dad
  • a toy for Cash (that is almost done)
I'm still trying to decide what to make for my brothers. If the current vest I am working on goes well, there is a strong possibility that I will make those for the bros. I can just picture the next winter holiday - with all the boys wearing their vests. But then I would need to make one for my dad and Rodney as well...decisions, decisions.

I am also feeling a Finley project coming on - maybe a short sleeve sweater, so she can wear it now but then also into the winter with a shirt underneath.

Before I settled on the knitting generously goal, I thought maybe I would try to go a whole year without purchasing any new yarn. It started kind of by accident when I didn't buy any new yarn in January (except some for a potential project for someone else, so it doesn't count) and then I made it most of February before I splurged (big time) at The Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort. So I think the idea of the yarn diet is not sustainable (according to Tom, it wasn't a diet, it was yarn bulemia), but I am better off limiting my yarn purchases and trying to use up stash first if I can.