Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting Block

It happened so suddenly: one day I was knitting normally and the next - nothing. 

I stalled out on two major projects - my February Lady Sweater and Clint's black socks. The sweater is giving me a couple of different problems wight now. The biggest one being that I messed up the last button hole. Actually all of the button holes are messed up,but there is not way I am ripping back to the first one - or maybe I should...maybe it would reverse my bad knitting mojo. The other thing that's bothering me with the FBS is I have come to the point in the yoke where I think I am supposed to stop increasing, but I don't understand how the shoulders will become big enough to reach almost my upper arms and almost touch like the pattern says if I discontinue the increasing. So I've basically given up for now.
I also messed up Clint's socks by knitting the foot too long/ I had turned the heel and felt like I was in the home stretch until I realized they're just too long. All because I didn't take the time to measure properly. I guess the idea of ripping back on these is a lot less daunting than the FLS; I should probably start on these. Oh yeah, and I also don't have enough yarn to complete the project because I only bought two skeins (this was a long time ago when I was pretty clueless about knitting). 
My first instinct is to start new projects or to swatch. I think starting new projects now would only stress me out more. I will only allow myself to swatch or tackle one of my many wips.