Sunday, June 28, 2009

Name Change

I had to change the name of this blog because I am currently going through a non-knitting phase, but I want to continue blogging about what I am working on, whatever it may be. 

It's funny, for many, MANY months, I did not go a day without knitting. And if I did - it was major - I noticed. There are several reasons why I am now on hiatus. I started my green socks at the same time on one circ and it just isn't all it's cracked up to be. I thought I would LOVE the two-at-once method, but I don't. I'm even considering...going back to my double-points or at least just working one sock at a time on the circ. Before I stopped last week I had knit a new iPod cozy (same old pattern) out of some yarn remainders I've had for a long time. I don't have the label anymore, so I have no idea what kind of yarn it actually is, but it's blue, wool-like, and goes thick and thin throughout. Even before I was done with it, I knew I had knit on too-small needles, but for some reason I just kept on going. I think it was bad karma. I started a second one with some cashmerino I've been saving for something special, but I thought - what's the point in saving it - life is too short - plus, if I like it, I'll go buy some more. But I barely started it before I put it down and haven't picked it up in over a week.

As per my last post I am also not embroidering. I visited Hancock Fabrics last week to pick up a few more supplies, namely backing for when I stitch on t-shirts which are soft and flimsy. I looked there and at Michael's with no luck. I guess I will just order it from Sublime Stitching directly. From reading Jenny's new book, I learned that in the olden days, women sometimes used tissue paper as a backer. I thought, I have tissue paper, I'm going to give this a shot. Well, easier said then done. The tissue paper tore immediately and fell to pieces. In the end I ended up taking a scrap of fabric and holding it on the back as I stitched and it seemed to work. I will need to try washing it to see what happens next.  So I did stitch a cupcake on a little onesie - it looks cute - not the best - but cute. I would like to go back and add the words baby cakes to it; we'll see.

I'm actually doing a lot of cooking. This morning I made Ina Garton's sticky buns that I watched her make on tv yesterday. She made it look really easy (of course) and it wasn't difficult for me, but it was time consuming and there was way to much butter involved. My mother makes a similar dish every Christmas and her's is easier and yummier. So I'll stick with Mom's recipe. 

Ever since I had some cucumber mint agua fresca the other day at the museum cafe, I have been obsessed.  I made some of my own but with basil instead of mint the other night with dinner and it was delicious! I just made another batch of the same. I plan on trying a cucumber, watermelon, mint combination later this week.

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