Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Obsession, I Mean Craft

Well, not really new. I'm going to take up some embroidery again. The last time I embroidered was between 2000 and 2001; it's been too long. 

Last night I went to a communicrafting event at AMOA. There was embroidery, knitting, jewelry-making and other fun stuff. I went thinking I would craft while there, but it turned out to be really crowded and there were a lot of kids; not really the ideal crafting space (the crowdedness, not the kids). 

Luckily I found the Sublime Stitching booth right away which was my main interest anyway. They had adorable little packets of different-themed transfers for $5 each. And they were 5 for $20, so I had to get 5. Embarassingly, I was a dollar short, but the kind gentleman at the booth let me have my patterns for $19. I've decided that I will be sending them a dollar in the mail, I mean after all, they're a small business based out of Jenny Hart's garage. I might even make them some iPod cozies to thank them for their generosity (there are only 4 people that work for Sublime Stitching) and for being the reason that I will start embroidering again. 

The patterns I got (which are so exquisite, I can't stop staring at them) include:






I CANNOT wait to get started!!!


I was also lucky enough to pick up the last copy available (at the museum) of Jenny's new book! Which she also autographed for me!


So far the thing I like best about Jenny's new book (besides the oodles of transfers) is that she starts with a little sampler to get you in the embroidery mood and practice (or refresh in my case) your skills.

I'm going this morning to pick out some new floss colors and pick up some tools I may need like carbon paper and tracing paper. I love Jenny's designs, but I see myself doing some of my own in the future.

Ahhhh! A renewed obsession! I love it!

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