Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mitten Time

Lauren has commissioned me to make a hat and mittens for Kendall for their trip to Alaska in September. I was intrigued to try out some mittens since I never have before. I had trouble finding a pattern that satisfied me enough to try it though. A lot of patterns I found didn't include a thumb, which I wanted to learn how to make the thumb. Then I found only patterns that had sizes that were too big for a one-year-old. I finally found this one and decided to try it, but I had a lot of problems with this mitten: I used my standard green crap yarn to make a practice mitten and it was way too thick at least with size 2 needles - so that was an ongoing trouble. It wasn't that bad on a regular knit stitch, but the k2togs were nightmares. This was my fault; I should have used bigger needles - this seems to be a recurring problem for me. The end product is quite stiff and I think would actually be good for warmth because the stitches are so close together, but the acrylic feels awful to the touch and I know it will only get worse as time goes on.
I like the extra long cuff but because this was a practice mitten, I only did 12 rows instead of 24. But I like the 12 rows so if I do end up using this pattern, I would probably stick with 12.
As I made the increases for the hand I was unhappy with the placement of them - they seemed out of place, but looking at the finished product they're okay. You can see one at the center back of the hand and the other two on the palm-side at the edges of the wrist. Since I've never made mittens before I don't know if this is standard or not.

I would have preferred to use my circular needles, but I decided to follow the pattern and use 4 dpns. I t was fine, but I would like to convert for next time.

Making the thumb was fun and easier than I thought it would be. Although it did leave two gaping holes (one on each side) that I had to stitch up from underneath. I need to research a way of avoiding or decreasing this problem.

It's driving me crazy that I can't try these on to see if they fit and have the right proportions. I'll have to try one on Kendall asap.

So I don't know what yarn I will actually end up using. I'm thinking of getting some Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply in pink; it's so soft and it's wool, so it would be warm, but it's also thin.

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