Sunday, October 4, 2009


As per my last post, I did buckle down and finish some WIPs. Although I was still avoiding the sweater and Clint's socks like the plague. It reminds me what a perfectionist I am and that I need to get over it. 
So some of the items I have finished are: the blue brioche booties, the blue baby bib (finally!) and the yellow bonnet for Melissa. 
I was feeling so accomplished that I joined a Mystery Sock Knit-Along on Ravelry for Soctober! It's been really fun so far and I think it's what's finally pulled me officially out of my knitting slump because last night after I finished the 2nd sock's cuff, I pulled out that FLS and starting unknitting back to my mistake: the third buttonhole I attempted to make. My first buttonhole was actually my best and I just improvised it (YOs and COs over 2 rows). It looked decent, but I decided for the second, I would use the one-row technique suggested in the pattern. I followed an online tutorial that was mostly helpful, but in the end my buttonhole looked really sad, not beautiful like all the sample pictures I've seen. But I decided the two were good enough especially because when there is a button in them, no one will see them. So for my third button hole I decided to return to my improved version. The BH itself wasn't too bad, but for some reason, I did not make it the appropriate distance away from the edge!!! Argh - what was I thinking? So I have almost unknitted back to the third BH and I am swearing to myself that before I attempt it again in the sweater that I will practice in a swatch. I keep reminding myself, swatching and practicing is good, and, hey, I get to pull out some new yarn and try it out - what's more fun than that? After that adventure, I will unknit on Clint's sock and get it right.
So back to the Mystery Socks! I have never participated in a KAL before and I think this was the perfect one to try for my first. Since the pattern comes in weekly installments there's all this anticipation. And the pacing has been really lovely. I knitted cuff #1 Friday night and cuff #2 Saturday night and I feel so accomplished because there's literally nothing else I can do - I have to wait until next week (Thursday?) to continue. I feel like it's assignment and I've finished early: always the teacher/student.

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