Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yarn Poor

I have bought so much yarn lately!!! I just keep telling myself it will be fine as long as I use it, but my ever-growing, under-the-bed stash thinks otherwise. I know most of this yarn will not be knitted right away, that it will find its way to the stash box. On a postive note, I found myself knitting from the stach a lot this summer.

I've been having flashes of patterns in my head. I'm dying to design my own patterns, but I'm not quite there yet. I think these flashes are the beginning though. So far, I've had two hat flashes. Luckily these flashes come when I'm lying in bed, so I quickly jot them down and the accompanying thoughts in my bedside notebook. The latest would be quite a feat to complete, but I'm fascinated with trying. It involves a simple thick rows of stockinette broken up up by some thin garter rows. Then on either side would be half circles of brioche rib. It sounds so complicated in my head, but I think its possible. If I can complete it, it would be my first original pattern!

Status Check:

1st Soaker: Complete. I used the Curly-Purly pattern and I really like it. It was easy and quick. I used the maroon O-Wool that Julie had given to me as commission. There's plenty left for another, so I think the next one will be a maroon and white. I also purchased some gorgeous green wool (not organic :( for a possible Lora soaker. I keep forgetting her shower is Saturday! Most of her package is complete, but it still feels incomplete.

Thermis Neck Warmer: Complete. I love this project and I would like to make more in other colors, but I'm not in any hurry. The next one I make needs to be a little shorter for my short neck. I also think I might use come Cashmerino for the next one...hmmm...I feel a swatch coming on... : )

Legwarmies: Half done: one down, one to go. This first pair is in pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (the only shade I could find at Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe). Since then I have visited HCW and bought five new shade of DBC to mix and match for future legwarmies. They're easy and mindless, probably a good purse project.

Green Socks: Half done: one down, one to go. After months of trying to acclimate to two socks at once on one circular, I just couldn't do it. I thought I would love it, but I didn't. I'll have to try again in the future. I ended up using a toe-up sock formula and adding a bamboo stitch on the top of the foot. I feel like it's one of the most original things I've made in a long time. I still need to make the mate, but I'm feeling only a mild case of Second Sock Syndrome.

Charade Socks: Barely started. I'm not sure this project is going to last. The yarn is not nice and my needles are being uncooperative, we'll see. I just love this pattern so much and wanted to make it again.

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