Monday, February 1, 2010

Change of Direction?

After much anticipation, my very first sock kit arrived today. I am definitely pleased with the yarn and the patterns, but I think all of my yearning definitely got the best of me. Do I love the patterns? No. Do I like them? Yes. The good news is the yarn is gorgeous, but I'm already contemplating not making socks out of it! Why did I have to fall in love with knitting shawls all of a sudden?! They're all I can think about! 

When I first started thinking about not making the socks, I told myself, no - you joined this SOCK club and you are going to knit socks. But the truth is, life is too short to knit something you're not into - and I don't think I'm into the sock patterns this month : ( I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I don't regret signing up for the club at all. I love the yarn and I love even more that I'm expanding my color horizons. I figure I won't be able to complete a project with the new yarn until after Lent anyway, so that gives me plenty of time to ponder what the yarn will become.

I'm thinking I will have time to finish the blue shawl for mom before Lent. I completed 3.5 lace repeats today and that leaves 6 more. Definitely finishable in two weeks. 

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