Monday, January 25, 2010


Ever since I told my parents about giving up knitting for Lent, they haven't been fans of the idea. I'm not even really sure why. My parents have NEVER been the type to meddle in my business. All my life they have provided me with support in the endeavors of my choice, but they're always very reserved. So I'm very confused why they're even voicing an opinion on what I consider a non-important (from their point of view, not mine) topic.

Having them question my decision of course made me question my decision. Several times in the last couple of days I've thought about how easy it would be to NOT give up knitting. But then I think, that's why I'm doing it in the first place.

I asked Clint why he thought my parents were being so vocal, but he didn't know. But he disagrees with them; he wants me to give up knitting for Lent because he's looking forward to spending more time with me. It's so funny, when I'm knitting, 90% of the time I am with Clint (on the couch watching TV), but I know what he means: my attention is definitely primarily on the knitting. I wish I could be one of these people that multi-tasks easily, but I'm not. Like when I hear about people that can knit in meetings and still be active participants, I can't relate at all. I have to be fully present to one thing. 

On another aspect of resistance...I did not go to the yarn store this weekend. Instead I pulled out my white Through the Loops socks that were supposed to a November knit-along. I had a renewed interest in them, maybe because of all my pent up anticipation of the arrival of my first sock kit (which should be here any day!!!!!!). Anyway I got a significant amount done - maybe I'll even finish before the sock kit arrives...


One night last week I got obsessed with knitting this gorgeous hat I keep seeing on Ravelry. I guess one of the things holding me back from knitting is I would have to knit with two colors which I've never done for real. I mean I've made items where a second color starts at the start of a row, but that doesn't really count as color work because it's really easy. The hat would involve fair isle which means I would have two colors of yarn work simultaneously. 


I started researching different techniques and it appears that the most efficient method is to use both hands, ie. knit Continental and English at the same time and keep one yarn in each hand; much easier said than done. I practiced a little bit and it went better than I thought, but it was really slow. Knitting the other way is like writing with your non-dominant hand. It's been so long since knitting was difficult that it was hard to stick with it. Then I considered, if I learned Continental would that count as knitting during Lent? ; )  

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