Sunday, January 24, 2010

FIrst Shawl: Complete


I completed my first shawl last night. Shawl is a pretty loose word; what I made is not nearly as big as what I would consider a "true" shawl. But I like what I made because I can wear it as a shawl around my shoulders or backward around my neck and wrap it. It's being blocked right now and is almost dry, so I'm hoping to wear it today when we leave the house. And we have to leave the house because we barely did yesterday.


For my shawl, I used Madeline Tosh sock yarn - it was my first time to knit with Madeline Tosh and it was a dream. Every time I find a yarn like this, I think, where has this yarn been all my life? It's so soft, but still has some weight to it and the depth of color kept me entranced the whole time I was working with it. I think I'm going to end up calling the shawl "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" because of the browns and golds. And besides, Goldilocks was a traveling woman (the original name of the pattern) in a way.


I realized when I was very near finishing that I had been completing my yarn-overs incorrectly the whole time. I though this was a lesson I had learned when I made the orange socks in October but apparently not. I don't think anyone else would be able to spot this mistake, and I did keep it consistent, so I guess that will have to be okay.

I told myself this morning as I was waking up that I deserve to go buy new yarn since I completed a project. Although my first sock club shipment arrives this week (!!!!!!!!) and obviously as soon as it does I will be casting on some socks. My goal is to complete that pair of socks before Lent starts and I think it's highly possible I can...if I don't have new yarn and other projects to distract me. My heart is saying, go to the yarn store - you deserve it; but my head is saying work on something already in progress.

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